Success at WMRI

This weekend the GreengineerZ attended the Western Michigan Robotics Invitation in Zeeland, MI. We achieved our primary objective of introducing new team members to a FIRST robotics event. This provides them with some practical context of what goes on during the competitions.

The teams robot “finesse” during a qualification match. 

This was also our best placing ever at WRMI. After a short qualification round we were seeded 3rd out of 32 teams in attendance. This allowed us to choose two teams to join as the #3 alliance. Thank you to team #4003 TriSonics and team #5980 East Grand Rapids Robotics for joining our alliance. We made it all the way to the finals. We won our first finals match, but were unable to pull out another win in a best two out of three. Congratulations to the winning #1 alliance captained by team #2767 Stryke Force #2767 with team #1918 N.C. Gears and team #3546 Buc’n’Gears

Conner and Luis removing the robot Finesse from the field. 


We would love to be able to host a couple of 40 team robotic events in our own facility. Who wouldn’t want to have a home game? Competitive robot events require a space for the matches and pit area for each robotics team. Currently we don’t meet these requirements.

Thank you for support. Without you we wouldn’t have these opportunities. 
The drive team waiting for the autonomous periods to end during a qualifications match. 
Filling the Vault