Science Technology Engineering Math

All across the nation, there are STEM centers that are dedicated to disciplining students in four different and diverse pathways that will empower them for their future careers. STEM has began to develop within the education system and gives students the opportunity to find an interest in their career pathways.

⇐ Science 

The science portion of STEM includes knowledge about occupations such as Medical Scientists, Environmental Engineers/ Scientists, Chemists, Health and Safety Engineers, Bio-Medical Science and more.

Technology ⇒

The technology part of stem includes training with all kinds of technology that gets students exposed to things that can help them in future occupations. Almost every job includes some sort of technology or media, therefore with more and more students exposed, the more knowledgeable they will be.

⇐ Engineering

Engineering within the STEM program is a major key component to the learning process for students. With students being exposed to all types of engineering, many will find a special interest in it. Occupations that revolve around engineering are things such as, Mechanical, Industrial, Civil, Electrical, Electronics Engineers and much more.

Math ⇒

Math has an enormous role in everyday life. This is why STEM focuses on the aspects of math that are found in science, technology and engineering. With math on your side as a student you can really be any occupation you’d like.