Steamworks 2017

FRC Kickoff Video 2017 ‘Steamworks’


The Game:

The game this year is more in tune with the theme. Each alliance (red/blue) is on a mission to store fuel (wiffle balls) as well as collect rotors (plastic gears) to prepare their airship for flight; all in 2 minutes and 30 seconds. The alliance that scores the most points wins the match.

Scoring Points:

  • Scoring fuel in high goal is 1/3 of a pressure point*
  • Scoring fuel in low goal is 1/9 of a pressure point* 
  • Starting a rotor is worth 40pts.
  • Climbing is worth 50pts.

*A pressure point = 1 pt. 

Want more information? Click here to download our FIRST Steamworks Audience Guide!