Semis Match Three

As the semi-finals concluded our alliance ended up losing to the Red Alliance. This has been a really great season and without the help of our sponsors and supporters none of this would’ve been possible. Thank you to all who participated in this journey to St. Louis!

The scores are as follows:

Red Alliance: 230pts (opponents)

Blue Alliance: 127pts (our alliance)

Thanks to everyone for this great season and the opportunity for us to participate!

Semi Match Two

Sadly this in last match our alliance lost. However, because we won the first match there is a tie. The tie breaker match will be coming up next to see who makes it to Carver Division Finals.

The score is as follows:

Red Alliance: 240pts (opponents)

Blue Alliance: 180pts (our alliance)

Tune into  to watch the semi match  number two!

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What a Win

Our first quarter final match has been won thanks to our wonderful alliance and the hard work of all the teams. We have to win two out of our three matches in order to move on to semi-finals. Lets go Alliance 6!!

The score is as follows:

Blue Alliance: 200 pts (our alliance)

Red Alliance: 150 pts (opponents)

Continue to watch the live feed at

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Alliance Selections

The alliance selections were just made for the Carver division! We have been given the honor to be the 4th pick on the 6th Alliance. This opportunity is very extraordinary and is a great experience that everyone is super excited about. At this time we’d like to thank all of our wonderful sponsors, mentors, parents, and supporters for all the donations, sponsorship’s, and general team spirit. Thank you everyone for all your hard work!

To watch the Quarterfinals match 4 tune into  roughly around 9:51 am CST.

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Finally A Win

Our last match of today has been won and everyone is very happy about it. We would all like to thank our sponsors, mentors, and supporters for the chance to participate in this event. Tomorrow is the alliance selections for the Carver Division and we really are hoping we get the chance to participate in the quarter finals and possibly move on from there. Fingers crossed!

The score is as follows:

Blue Alliance: 117 pts (our alliance)

Red Alliance: 109 pts (opponents)

Alliance selections begin tomorrow morning at 8 am CST.

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One Point Away

Our last match has just finished with an astonishing score with the difference of one point. Our alliance ended up losing by ONE POINT. Although we lost, we are still pretty proud of ourselves. We were so close to winning this last match and we haven’t lost our confidence to better next time. We have one more match for today and we will be ready to work hard and win this last match. Thanks again to all sponsors, mentors, and supporters for making this experience possible!

The score is as follows:

Red Alliance: 150 pts (opponents)

Blue Alliance: 149 pts (our alliance)

Tune into  for our last match of the day roughly at 4:59 pm CST.

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Doing What We Can

This past match we did extremely well as an independent robot, we did what we could do and tried our very best to help win this match. However, this match resulted in a loss for our alliance.

The score is as follows:

Blue Alliance: 112 pts (opponents)

Red Alliance: 99 pts (our alliance)

Please watch our next match at roughly 3:53 pm CST on

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