Day 1 Review

Our pit is setup, the robot is unbagged and we have passed inspection.  We were even able to get a practice match on the competition fields.

All systems on the robot are working and we are please with the speed of the robot. We missed placed the gear in autonomous by a very small amount. This was due to some tracking adjustment code meant for the practice robot. The pit team is replacing the retaining clips on the drive train in the morning as a preventative measure.

We currently do not know our match schedule. As of the close of the pits last night 29 out of 40 teams had passed inspection. Opening ceremonies will start at 10:30am with qualification matches starting immediately afterwords.

Watch our blog for information on how to remotely watch the event live.

Here is a link to our photo library of yesterday.

Good luck to all FIRST teams competing today!

Load in Day

Today is load in day for the FIM Saint Joseph event!

We will be loading up our pit gear, tool boxes, spare parts and robot. The doors will open at the Saint Joseph High School Field house at 4pm with the pits opening up at 5pm. Our pit location is the same as last year. We are hoping for a fast inspection to allow for some practice time.

We hope to see you there. Keep checking back on our website for updates throughout the event.

Thank you to our sponsors, team parents and community supporters!


Today we discussed our team t-shirt designs. Thanks to Nate Turbyfill we have an idea of what we’d like our shirts to look like. ☘

Open House

We will be hosting an open house for our team on June 9th at the Stem Central building on the Berrien Springs Public School’s campus. The open house will go from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm. Please plan on coming to learn more about the GreengineerZ.

Semis Match Three

As the semi-finals concluded our alliance ended up losing to the Red Alliance. This has been a really great season and without the help of our sponsors and supporters none of this would’ve been possible. Thank you to all who participated in this journey to St. Louis!

The scores are as follows:

Red Alliance: 230pts (opponents)

Blue Alliance: 127pts (our alliance)

Thanks to everyone for this great season and the opportunity for us to participate!

Semi Match Two

Sadly this in last match our alliance lost. However, because we won the first match there is a tie. The tie breaker match will be coming up next to see who makes it to Carver Division Finals.

The score is as follows:

Red Alliance: 240pts (opponents)

Blue Alliance: 180pts (our alliance)

Tune into  to watch the semi match  number two!

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