Achieving Dreams

From day one each member of our team had the same dream; make it to the World Competition in St. Louis, MO. Making it to Worlds this season has been a long term goal of ours ever since we discussed our goals one late Thursday afternoon. Our coaches made sure to let us know winning wasn’t everything, but if you put your mind to something you can achieve anything you are capable of. So, this past week everything was on the line. All our training, all our practice, everything we did for six weeks came down to one State Competition. All we needed to do was gain enough points to stay in the top 79 teams and receive our ticket to St. Louis, and that’s exactly what we did. During all the qualification matches our drive team tried their very best to accumulate more and more points. As the end of the week came near and alliance selections were made, our team sadly didn’t get selected, however that didn’t mean we were out of the game just yet. As the octofinals, quarterfinals, semifinals, and finals were accomplished our team stayed to watch and had hope that we would still qualify for Worlds. As Saturday night came to an end, our dream came true. We were officially ranked 49th in the state by the end of the day, qualifying us for Worlds and enabling us to follow our dreams.