GreengineerZ 2018 - 2019 Event List

October 20, 2018 - WMRI - Offseason Event

Week minus 1 - Feb TBD - Coloma - CW Tech - Practice Event

Week 2 - March 7-9 - FIM District St. Joseph Event

Week 5 - March 28-30 - FIM District Marysville Event
Tuesday, October 24, 2017
The GreengineerZ are continuing their fundraising for the 2018 build season. With over 18 new members we are going to need extra funds this season to accommodate the increased travel expenses. A tasty way to show your support is to join us at our Panera fund raiser.

Winners of the 2017 Tesla Sub-Division in FIRST World Competition.

The GreengineerZ along with the teams 3683 Team Dave, 2084 Robots by the C, and 2537 Space RAIDers won the Tesla Sub-Divsion in world competition at Saint Louis. The alliance then competed in the Einstein round robin playoffs.

Thank you to our Sponsors, Parents, Coaches, Mentors and the FIRST family for your support!!

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Check out our blog posts below for updates as we recap our successful season.

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